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What is GamingGrids?

GamingGrids is a patented online system oriented to serve casual gamers and professional players or teams alike, with a wide variety of real-money based gameplay events, challenges, and structured tournaments.
Win real-money every hour on your favorite games!

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GridLeague Seasonal Tournaments

Whether a casual team or a professional eSports organization, you have a unique spot at GamingGrids in our continuous Worldwide GridLeague Seasons, Tournaments, and Leagues across all of the most popular games. Large real-money events, both online and at physical LAN events.

Massive OpenPlay Tournaments

Compete against others around the world or in your region in a 1-vs-all scenario to win real-money every hour! At least the top 60% of all players are rewarded with real-money at the end. Special free-to-enter events are held weekly and monthly.

Enhanced PUG & Scrim Matchmaking

Join the fun and heart-pounding action of public Pick-Up Games (PUG) and play with friends or random players in squad matches using our friendly PUG Matchmaker. Or add your team and play in real-money or free & casual scrimmages against other teams. All on your favorite games.

Exclusive Real-Money Events

By subscribing to the GamingGrids player and team premium package, you gain access to exclusive daily, weekly, monthly, and special real-money tournaments, leagues, and OpenPlay events. Winning real-money playing your game is just a click away!

TrueGrid Player-Fairness Engine

Want a system where you can trust not only the infrastrcture, but the players as well? As a subscriber you gain access to our patent-pending system and our TrueGrid Engine, an exploitation, cheat, and abuse active monitoring engine that transparently monitors player gameplay activity and noninvasively analyzes within our cloud.

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